Payday Loans

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Lilli Palmer (1914-1986)

  1. Anneliese Rothenberger, Oh... Rosalinda!!, 1955.    Iconic British director Michael Powell also had a company of 48 small role people, for street-cleaners to head-waiters,   including  the wife-to-be of Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland,   and future director John Schlesinger.
  2. Rita Hayworth, Circus World, 1964.     l.ili wasn’t that smitten on hearing  co-star John Wayne’s writer-cum-gopher Jimmy Grant: “All you gotta have in a John Wayne picture is a hoity-toity dame with big tits that Duke can throw over his    knee and spank... ” Nor was veteran director Frank Capra keen on the rest...   “and a collection of jerks he can smash in the face every five minutes.   In between, you fill in with gags, flags and chases... His fans eat it up!”   Not  Lilli and not Frank.    They fled Madrid.

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