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Elizabeth Perkins

  1. Ilene Kristen,  Ryan’s Hope, TV, 1975-1978 and 1982-1983 and, indeed,  1986-1989.   Lost the  love-to-hate character of Delia Ryan  one of the iconic daytime, soap characters - in the life of a blue collar Irish-American family. Brooklyn’s Kristen was in and out of the devious catalyst of most issues… depending on her weight.  
  2. Keli Maroney, Ryan’s Hope, TV, 1979-1982.   Perkins lost  Kimberly Harris Beaulac in the ABC Daytime soap when Maroney blew into New York from Minneapolis, bergan studying at the National Shakespeare Company Conservatory and won the evil teen…all in two weeks. She made 319 episodes.
  3. Holly Hunter, Broadcast News, 1987.     Seen after Debra Winger quit and before Holly was signed.
  4. Lolita Davidovich, The Object of Beauty, 1990.     An illness ruled Perkins out as Andie MacDowell’s best friend in an often witty - if rarely amusing character piece. The other character pieces were John Malkovich, Joss Ackland, Peter Riegert, Bill Patterson.
  5. Demi Moore, A Few Good Men, 1992.     Read for the part. So did the "don't-ever-flirt-with-me attitude" of the   7 1/2 month pregnant Moore
  6. Sherilyn Fenn, Three of Hearts, 1992.       To join - then -   Bridget Fonda opposite William Baldwin.
  7. Lauren Graham, MYOB, TV, 2000.  Perkins was Opal in the NBC  pilot. But Graham had the role for the series - axed after othger eight episodes were shot and four screened.
  8. Nicole Kidman, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, 2006.    Producer Bernie Brillstein had set up the bio of  photographer Diane Arbus at MGM in 1993,  based on Patricia Bosworth's book... for Elizabeth.
  9. Delta Burke,Counter Culture, TV, 2012.     On completingher seven-year run on Weeds, 2005-2012Perkins was juggling three pilot offers for the new season. Top two were from producer Claudia Lonow.  Perkins dropped Counter Culture for How To Live With Your Parents. Well, the Culture synopsis featured the dreadful word “ageing” while her whacky parent was rewritten younger to please, and maybe even, suit her.  Didn't. 

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