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Silvia Pinal

1. - Catherine Deneuve, Tristana, France-Italy-Spain, 1969. Luis Bunuel first planned it in Mexico for Sylvia and Ernesto Alonso, the Mexican actor (63 roles) and producer (of a staggering 157 series!). Next, Fernando Rey (excellent in Viridiana”) and Stefania Sandrelli in Spain, but the 1961 Viridiana scandal killed that idea off. And not even Bunuel could get it going again until 1969. “By an ordinary director, “or even by a great director with no sympathy for the material, “This story could have been embarrassingly melodramatic,” noted Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “I was about to say …disgusting - but, of course, it is disgusting, and that was Buñuel’s purpose... That's why his films work; because they're himself, they're personal. Buñuel is in control of every shot and every scene, and he is having at our subconscious like a surgeon.”

2. - Shirley MacLaine, Two Mules For Sister Sara, 1970. Director Budd Boetticher's (most) original concept, when he still owned his own scenario in 1964, was to have Mitchum (or Wayne) opposite the wondrous Pinal - Luis Buñuel's favourite Mexican actress in Viridiana, The Exterminating Angel, Simon of the Desert, 1961-65.


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