Payday Loans
Christopher Plummer

  1. Jeffrey Hunter, King of Kings, 1961.    Feisty director Nicholas Ray  worked his way through the Canadian Plummer, Welsh Richard Burton, English Peter Cushing and Australian Keith Michell before going all-American Despite being, at 35, closer to Christ’s age than per usual in Schmollywood epics, Jeff was soon dubbed “I Was a Teenage Jesus.”
  2.  Michael Caine,The Ipcress File, 1965.    Caine’s agent knew producer Harry Saltzman was in a fix.Plummer had jumped ship for what he would call The Sound of Mucus.  Or plain S&M. So, Caine nipped into The Pickwick Club at 9pm, when Saltzman was dining. The producer recognised the Zulu revelation, called him over for a drink. “Have you read The IpcressFile?” Yeah.“Do you want to play the lead?” Yeah. “Do you want a seven-year-contract?” Yeah. “OK, call me in the morning.” Yeah. Straight after creating the anti-Bond spy, Harry Palmer, Caine was Horatio opposite Plummer’s Hamlet, shot by BBC TV inDenmark'sreal Elsinore Castle.
  3. Richard Burton,TheSandpiper,1965.    Plummer’s busy? So, get me another Hamlet awready!
  4. Rex Harrison, Doctor Doolittle, 1967.    Rex never complained when his My Fair Lady librettist-lyricist Alan Jay Lerner quit and Leslie Bricusse was signed,nor when Fox’s first directors, veterans John Huston, Vincente Minnelli, William Wyler,became the house helmer, Richard Fleischer.  But Harrison quit allthe same.“Sue me, I’m not going todo it.”HearingproducerArthur P Jacobs secured Plummer for $300,000, Harrison's agent called -“He'sback in.” To be, as he reported, “bitten by the chimp, a Pomeranian pony, a duck and the parrot whomplayed Polynesia.”
  5. Dirk Bogarde, Sebastian, 1967.    Michael Caine, Rex Harrison. Patrick McGoohan, Peter O’Toole, David Warner all refused. “A busy year for actors,” noted Brit director Michael Powell, “scattered all over the map.” He located Plummer in the South of France - much good it did him.
  6. Walter Matthau, A New Leaf, 1970.    Elaine May lacked the magic of her ex-comedy partner, Mike Nichols, when directing movies. This was her first film; she only made four (and none since the worst flop - Beatty and Hoffman in Ishtar, 1986). She wanted Plummer as the ageing and suddenly penniless bon vivant. Even so, May felt Matthau’s murder of Jack Weston was the funniest thing she ever saw. We will never know. The scene was cut (the Production Code insisted you can’tget away with murder!) and May never knew if all the film’s “butchered” footage still existed in a vault somewhere
  7. William Shatner, The Devil's Rain, 1975.    Now that’s real mucus!
  8. Timothy Dalton, Sexette, 1978.    Mae West liked his style. After TheSound ofMusic, she told director Robert Wise: “There's your sex person. There’s your box-office.Him! He carried thatpicture. She was all right, you know, Julie Andrews... but she hasn't got the sex personality.”
  9. Sean Connery, Der Name der Rose/The Name of the Rose, Gerrmany-France-Italy, 1986.    Two decades later, and Plummer and Richard Harris are still vying for the same role.Mike Caine, Albie Finney, Ian McKellan, too. Sean’s star as so low that Columbia refused to finance the film when French realisateur Jean-Jacques Annaud chose him forBrother William of Baskerville.
  10. James Corden, Into The Woods, 2013.


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