Payday Loans

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Sarah Polley


  1. Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don’t Cry, 1998.    Auteur  Kimberly Pierce’s Plan A  refused to be Lana, girlfriend   of the transgender man Brandon Teena  murdered in 1993. Likewise, her Plan B, Reese Witherspoon.  Next? Plan C fot Chloe, first seen for Brandon.  "At the end of the audition, Kimberly was like: Have you ever wanted to be a boy?’I said no. That’s when she said: Why don’t you come back and read for Lana. So I did.”  

  2. Elaine Cassidy, Felicia’s Journey, 1999.     Eager to make a third film with her, Canada’s Armenian director Atom Egoyan was thwarted when realising Sarah’s intelligence and awareness were antithetical to the character. Motherless since eleven, Sarah thinks of Julie Christie as a surrogate mother - and chose her for directing debut, Away FromHer, 2006,.

  3. Kate Hudson, Almost Famous, 2000.     Writer-producer-director Cameron Crowe came close to terminating his autobiographical film when Sarah quit over sex scenes. (Er, hello - what else does Penny Lane do?She’s agroupie, aband aid). Brad Pitt quit too, having only wanted to work with her.Goldie Hawn's daughter (already cast in a smaller role as William's sister) begged to be Penny and won an Oscar nod.
  4. Katharine Isabelle, Ginger Snaps, 2000.    Passed on Ginger who, Carrie-like, is much troubled by her first menstruation.Little wonder as the script equatedpuberty with... werewolfism. Variety called it“a quietly subversive my-sister-is-turning-into-a-werewolf movie.”
  5. Cameron Diaz, Gangs of New York, 2001.     First choice, the first Sarah -Sarah Michelle Gellar - was cheap but tied to TV’s Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003. OK, said director Martin Scorsese, Sarah Two - but his producers demanded a more bankable name. And so poor Diaz got saddled with thenothing role of Jenny Everdeane. They just needed a girl on the poster... Such a zero no one remembers her impact (come again!) on the1863 drama o fDaniel Day Lewis v Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe if Scorsese hadn’t been forced to cut one entire hour...
  6. Franka Potente, The Bourne Identity, 2001.  In 1997,      New York director Doug Liman worked with the Canadian Polley in  Go. This time, she went... She could see it was all Jason Bourne’s film.  Besides,  as she once said:  “It’s important to me to stay in Canada. I used to think it was because I thought it was important to build up an indigenous film industry but now I realise I'm incapable of living anywhere else.” 
  7. Kerry Washington,  Mr & Mrs Smith, 2004.  When Brad Met Angelina! Three potential Misters, seven Mrs, but just two names in the frame for the beauteous Jasmine in the thriller with a colander of a script… probably inspired by True Lies, James Cameron’s 1993 take on the 1991 French hit, La totale!
  8. Carly Pope, Young People Fucking, Canada,2007.    Or YPF. There’s always a great, new Canadian actress…  Sarah quit when she finally got the go-head for her writer-directing debut, Away From Her, 2006.

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