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Christina Ricci


  1. Blaze Berdahl, Pet Sematary, 1989.     The girl that was Wednesday - in The Addams Family - auditioned for Stephen King’s Ellie Creed
  2. Alisan Porter, Curly Sue, 1990.   Many of the people John Hughes wanted in what proved his final film were busily engaged making other films - Griffin Dunne, Linda Hamilton, Bill Murray, John Travolta. And Ricci, aged ten at thew time.  She’d caught his eye in Mermaids,1989. Idem for Barry Sonnenfeld which is why she was a member of his Addams Family.  Nine-year-old Porter (in a Paper Moonish act with James Belushi) had won  Season Ten of The Voice (2011).
  3. Ariana Richards, Jurassic Park, 1992.    
  4. Kirsten Dunst, Little Women. 1994.     As  the young Amy.
  5. Kirsten Dunst, Interview With The Vampire, 1994.
  6. Natalie Portman, Léon, France, 1994.    Luc Beson said he saw 6,000 petites filles. Natalie was only 11, when he’d ordered 12-year-olds. “But she was like a bombe atomique! And there and then, in one single  scene, she was able to cry and to laugh - exceptional for a child of her age. And she beat Christina Ricci and Liv Tyler.”
  7. Claire Danes, Romeo + Juliet, 1996.    Too short.  Too young.   “I wanted that movie so badly it hurt. I’m very competitive. I just want to be the best at something... as if that really matters, as if can be measured, anyway.”
  8. Dominque Swain, Lolita, 1996.  More than 2,500 girls tried to succeed 1961’s Sue Lyon…  But UK director Adrian Lyne’s shortlist only had room for Swain, Melissa Joan Hart, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman (refused point blank) and the unknown (then and now) Nadia Litz. He also called Ricci - four times. No way, said she - four times. "I'm not going there just so I can get fucked with." He had previously rejected her as... too healthy, too heavy, too emaciated ("in the middle of my anorexia") and uncastable. Following her impact as an angst-ridden teen in Ice Storm, 1966, she was up for seven movies in 18 months. Swain, aged 15, had a pillow between her and Jeremy Irons in their intimate scenes.
  9. Alicia Silverstone, Batman & Robin, 1996.
  10. Sarah Polley, Go, 1999.     Passed on director Doug Liman’s triple account of one drug deal. Just too busy... 
  11. Anna Paquin, X-Men trilogy,1999-2005.  “Mutation: it is the key to our evolution.”  Rachael Leigh Cook rejected Rogue/Marie D’Ancantodue to all the GCI costumes and effects.  Kristen Dunst, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the Canadian Katharine Isabelle, Natalie Portman and Christina Riccisimply left her to Paquin (Rachael’s co-star in She’s All That,1999).

  12. Julia Stiles, 0, 1999.     Saw director Tim Blake Nelson about playing the updated Desdemona - Desi! - in Othello’s new setting of a US high school where basketball star Odin believes everything Hugo (ex-Iago) tells him. Nelson edited his film by night while acting in the Coen brothers’ O Brother Where Art Thou during the day.
 Explains much about both movies.

  13. Shannyn Sossamon, American Psycho, 2000.     Christina would have  been perfect. 
  14. Kate Hudson, Almost Famous, 2000.    Looking for his Penny Lane groupie (based on Pennie Trumble, aka Pennie Lane), in his semi- autobiographical look back to his Rolling Stone reporter daze, Cameron Crowe saw all of LA’s bright young things… Ricci, Neve Campbell, Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Jenna Elfman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Anne Heche, Rose McGowan, Bridget Moynahan, Brittany Murphy, Rebecca Romijn, Chloe Sevigny, Mena Suvari.   Next? Uma Thurman passed and the winner, Sarah Polley, split. (Silly girls).  Crowe then chose Kate because “she seemed more like a free spirit.”  But, but, but… Sevigny was the most free spirt in all Hollywood! 
  15. Thora Birch, Ghost World, 2001.     By the time  they got around  to making the movie, she was...too old.  So soon!
  16. Drew Barrymore, Riding In Cars With Boys, 2001.    Writer-producer James Brooks bought the rights in 1989 for Cher and Debra Winger as mother and daughter. Ricci popped into the mix. Drew won and her Ma was Lorraine Bracco.
  17. Anne Hathaway, The Princess Diaries2001.     Among 21 youngstars (Jessica Alba to Reese Witherspoon) rejecting the awkward San Francisco teenager being groomed (by Julie Andrews!) to inherit the Genovia throne - after director Garry Marshall’s (rather surprising) first choice  of Juliette Lewis quit. And so, Hathaway made her first movie.
  18. Linda Cardellini, Scooby-Doo, 2002.     As the Scooby flag was run up (and down) the Hollywood flagpole, the Velma Dinkley choices included Ricci, Janeane Garofalo, Sara Gilbert, Carla Gugino, Alyssa Milano. ER’s future Nurse Sam Taggart bagged it.
  19. Cameron Diaz, Gangs of New York, 2002.     Auditioned for  a film-making legend.  Martin Scorsese.  Another one, Tim  Burton, called her the  possible daughter of  Bette Davis and Peter Lorre.
  20. Shannyn Sossamon, The Rules of Attraction, 2000.     She rejected the role of Lauren Hynde because of the “gross and offensive rape.”
  21. Jodie Foster, Flightplan, 2004.    When Sean Penn decided not to play the  widower whose daughter goes missing during an international plane journey - German director Robert Schwentke started looking for a widow. Ricci, Josie Davis and  Portia de Rossi switched to  other flights.
  22. Holliday Grainger, The Borgias, TV, 2010.    Irish director Neil Jordan’s 2002 choices  for Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia were Ricci and Ewan McGregor. They became  Scarlett Johansson  and Colin Farrell  in 2006. Rest of that cast would have included Antonio Banderas, John Malkovcich, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno... before Jordan finally got his film off the ground - as a TV series.






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