Payday Loans

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Chris Rock

  1. Jeffrey Wright, Basquiat,1996.   One painter’s view of another - artist-writer-director Julian Schnabel’s take on the short life (1960-1988) of the street artist struggling with sudden global fame, drugs and identity.  Rock rejected the film not knowing who Jean-Michel Basquiat was at the time. David Bowie played Andy Warhol - in Andy’s wigs.
  2. Damon Wayans, Marci X, 2003.   Instantly refused Dr S because, as he told Entertainment Weekly: “It’s the worst script I've ever gotten... I'd have been happier getting an envelope full of anthrax.” Absolutely right.
  3. Snoop Dogg, Starsky & Hutch, 2004.    Obviously,   Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson did not wish to let Huggy Bear steal their movie...   Pity, it could have used   some genuine humour. Or, something...
  4. Sam Huntingdon,  Superman Returns,  2006.
  5. Eddie Murphy, Tower Heist, 2010.    Chris and Eddie were the leads before the black Ocean’s Eleven (with Martin Lawrence,  Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams) turned black and white. Ben Stiller took the  lead for $15m…  double Murphy’s pay-cheque for a lesser role.
  6. Mark Wahlberg, The Six Billion Dollar Man, 2019.   Plans to reboot the old series were floated and shelved on and off for a decade or more. Paul WS Anderson, Kevin Smith, Steven E de Souza:  they all wanted to direct. The Farrelly Brothers had a comic version ready for Rock, Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell.  From 2016 onwards (even at 48), Wahlberg kept the faith as The Man, a bionic ex-astronaut with the inflation-related price tag (the1974-1978 series was The Six Million Dollar Man).  His directors changed from Peter Berg and Argentinian Damián Szifrón to, finally, Bumblebee man Travis Knight. Mr #6b  was the only superhero Wahlberg  was interetsted in.“I don’t care what it is, how much I’m getting paid, I’m not leaving my trailer in a cape.”

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