Payday Loans

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Paul Rudd

  1. Justin Walker, Clueless, 1994.    Rudd’s sardonic streak (honed by drama studies in LA and Oxford) auditioned for Christian...
  2. Jeremy Sisto, Clueless, 1994.    ... and Elton...
  3. Donald Faison, Clueless, 1994.    ... and Murray- and auteur Amy Heckerling selected him for Josh!
  4. Mark Feuerstein, What Women Want,2000.Mel Gibson is what women wanted - the other male role was of his buddy.
  5. Ken Marino, Veronica Mars, TV, 2005-2007.  The future Ant-Man, 2014 etc,  was  in the frame for Vinnie Van Lowe, no less. Fans of the series called themselves Marshmallows.  Honest!
  6. Adam Sandler, Funny People, 2008.      The new Mayor (for some reason) of movie mirth (aha, alliteration!), LA auteur Judd Apatow said if he could get his old room-mate for the lead (and Sandler had issues with some of the sexist jokes), the next names of his list were:Paul or Jason Bateman.
  7. Adam Scott,  Party Down, TV, 2009-2010.      Rudd co-created and exec-produced the about a bunch of actors surviving (just about) in as waiters – and owing much to the 2004-2007 Veronica Mars gang. He was set for  Henry when first trying to mount the show in 2000. Scott also produced  seven of the 20 episodes.
  8. Jason Bateman, Horrible Bosses, 2010.    Matthew McConnaughey, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were also suggested for  Nick, victim of Kevin Spacey’s  supercilious sadist boss in this  masculine take on Nine To Five.



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