Payday Loans
Sabu (Sabu Dastagir (or Selar Shaik Sabu) 1924-1963)

  1. Sam Jaffe, Gunga Din, 1939.      Sabu had the title role when director Howard Hawks was trying to lure Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Robert Montgomery away from MGM for his RKO feature.   Hawks was dropped after the initial  flop of Bringing Up Baby, 1938, and Sabu was was blocked by the teenager’s contract with London  producer Alexander Korda…  acting like a slave-master  (copying  the Hollywood moguls).  New director George Stevens had the water-boy played by a Russian-American Jaffe aged 47!  Jaffe later admitted he based his test - and the role - on the Indian actor, telling himself before each: “Think Sabu.”  After a third Korda film, Sabu signed a Hollywood contract with Universal in 1941.
  2. Turhan Bey, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, 1941.  Jon Hall-Maria Montez were the  cut-price   Errol Flynn-Olivia De Havilland in Arabian  adventures … usually with a  cheeky-looking Turk  Bey and India’s Sabu as third and fourh wheels. Nop this time, when Bey actuallyt  took over Sabu’s intended role of Jamiel. Falling out of favour, Bey had a break of 41 years between Prisoners of the, 1953, and Healer, 1994!
  3. Francis Matthews, Bhowani Junction,  1955.      MGM  made John Masters’  India novel in… Pakistan!  The Boy  was now 31 and nearly won Ranjit, the intelligent, dedicated Sikh. Apart from a fistful of Metro dollars, he missed nothing. The British Matthews said huge chunks of his part ended up on the cutting-room floor. Sabu became a US citizen in 1944 and served with distinction in  combr  with the USAF  during WWII.

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