Payday Loans
Oj Simpson

  1. Roger Moore, The Wild Geese, 1978.    This takes some believing. But Roger Moore swore it was true. The elegant UK producer Euan Lloyd was in Hollywood when the casting director pencilled in OJ for Shawn Flynn. Why? “Well, in the script it says Shawn Flynn is black-Irish.”
  2. Howard E Rollins, Ragtime, 1981.    He vowed to quit football if he got this one - in James Cagney’s comeback and final cinema role. “Coalhouse Walker is one of those parts you can build a career on.” Rollins might not agree.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, 1983.    Like a future murder trial jury, the producer thought he was way too nice to be a killer. As director James Cameron put it: “I didn’t know he would murder his wife and become the real Terminator.”
  4. Michael Douglas, Fatal Attraction, 1987



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