Payday Loans

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Tom Sizemore

  1. Randy Quaid, Days of Thunder, 1989.       Change of used-car dealer Tim Daland in the Tom Cruise thriller. Tom came up with the story. As Tom-formulaic as… Top Gun Goes To Daytona.
  2. Gabriel Byrne, Miller’s Crossing, 1990.  The Coen brothers tackle 30s/40s, gangster noir… Their 1988 draft put Sizemore, Willem Dafoe, Andy Garcia, Elias Koteas and Dylan McDermott in the Tom Reagan frame.
  3. Kevin Bacon, JFK, 1991.
  4. Steve Buscemi, Reservoir Dogs,  19921.
  5. Sam Neil, Jurassic Park, 1992.
  6. James Gandolfini, True Romance1992.  First selected for Virgil, Sizemore was switched to Cody Nicholson by UK director Tony Scott and kindly recommended Gandolfini for his original chartacter - “All right, no more Mr Fucking Nice Guy…”
  7. Gary Busey, The Glimmer Man, 1996.    “Steven Seagal asked me to be in it. I said No and he was really angry. He can drop dead as far as I’m concerned.   I didn’t even read the script. I saw his name and threw it in the trash.”
  8. John C Reilly,  The Thin Red Line, 1998.    A clash of sergeants...   Sizemore was invited to the Amistad set where Steven Spielberg asked about his summer plans. “Looks like I’m going to Australia to make a movie with Sean Penn and Terry Malick about Guadacanal.”   Said Spielberg:   “How about coming to Ireland with Tom Hanks and make a movie about D-Day?” That’s how Tom became Sergeant Horvath in Saving Private Ryan. (“I’d been wanting to play this part for a year”) and not   Sergeant Storm.
  9. Chazz Palminteri, Hurlyburly, 1998.      Well out of the play about   four Hollywood assholes...
  10. Denzel Washington, Training Day, 2000.     Sizemore, Gary Sinise and Bruce Willis were all in the frame for badass undercover cop Alonzo Harris.  Until Denzel walked in - and out with his second Oscar. 

  11. Anthony LaPaglia, Road To Perdition, 2002.    Private Ryan’s Sergeant Horvath was an inevitable suggestion from producer   Steven Spielberg to his UK stage-screen director Sam Mendes for Al Capone. Mendes also saw Alfred Molina, settled on the Australian LaPaglia and then left Capone off-screen... with “special thanks” to the Aussie in the credits.
  12. Chris Penn, Holly, 2005.       All set to be Freddie until his arrest for failing several drug tests. Penn, himself, ODed one year and   two films later.
  13. John Turturro, Fear X, Denmark-UK-Canada, 2003.       Ray Liotta, Gary Oldman, Mark Ruffalo  were also   seen for the guy piecing together the facts of his wife’s murder. From a Hubert J Selby story, evoking less his Last Exit To Brooklyn than Blow Up, Memento and The Pledge.
  14. Rick Yune, The Fifth Commandment, 2005.      “I want some clean time.”He kept walking from roles to have time to kick his drug habit.    “I want this nightmare of drug abuse to be over with and to get on with my career.”
  15. Mel Gibson, The Expendables 3, 2013.      When Jack Nicholson passed and Gibson was undecided about going down the villainy route a second time (after Machete Kills, 2012), Sizemore was a the most likely replacement.

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