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Jon Stewart

  1. Ben Affleck, Chasing Amy, 1997.   The story behind Quentin Tarantino’s favorite 1997 film...  New Jersey auteur Kevin Smith wrote the script for his pals. No, no, said Bob and Harvey Weinstein - for a $3m budget, they wanted Stewart (two years before launching his Daily Show), Drew Barrymore, David Schwimmer.  No, no said Smith, he’d make it himself for $250,000  with ex- lover Adams (it was their story), plus  Ben Affleck and Jason Lee, and the the Miramaxers could buy it for distribution. Done deal!  At that price, what else?  Harvey was correct about one thing: Affleck is no star attraction. (He proved a better, indeed Oscar-winning director). Cerebral comic Stewart hosted the 78th Oscars in 2006 and 80th  in 2008.

  2. Ben Stiller, There's Something About Mary, 1997.  The Farrelly brothers,  Peter and Bobby,  explained in 2014 that both Stewart and Owen Wilson had been Stiller’s role of the klutz who caught his penis in his zipper (“The frank or the beans?” asks Mary’s stepdad)and loses his mastubatory ejaculate! “Thank God, Jon Stewart didn’t get it because his whole career might have gone a different direction,” said Peter said. “I like what he's doing.” On the finest TV chat show in America  - more news and politics than movie promotions. And brilliant wit. He turned film director with Rosewater in  2014. And, alas, quit TV.

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