Payday Loans
Jeremy Sumpter

  1. Matt O’Leary, Fraility, 2001.     Auditioned, at 12, for the young Fenton and then was selected as  his  brother Adam. Three years later,  the Monterery  kid was Peter Pan in Australia.
  2. Anton Yelchin, Hearts in Atlantis, 2000.     Jeremy was beaten to Bobby Garfield (in not one  but two Stephen King stories zipped together) by a Russian- born  kid of the same age: 12.  Yelchin  grew up to be Pavel Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek franchise and taking over Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese character in Terminatot Salvation, also in 2009. And Sumpter, one month older,  grew up  (during) his  titular role in Australian director PJ Hogan’s live-action Peter Pan, 2003.


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