Payday Loans
Stuart Whitman


  1. Jeffrey Hunter, The True Story of Jesse James, 1957.    Early casting for Frank James -  but he would have buried the lightweight Robert Wagner’s Jesse.  The following year, they co-starred for In Love and War, 1958.   There is much of  Colin Farrell in Whitman.
  2. Jack Kelly, Maverick, TV, 1957-1962.   Whitman and Rod Taylor were seen for  Bart Maverick. Kelly was the only one of the four Maverick boys to star in all five seasons - 83 episodes.  James Garner was Bret in  60 shows,  Roger  Moore became Beau(regard) for 16, and Robert Colbert was Brent for the  final three.  And the next Pub Quiz question is…
  3. Ricky Nelson, Rio Bravo, 1958.
  4. Rod Taylor, Ask Any Girl, 1958.    MGM asked to borrow Whitman and his Fox slave masters refused.  After all, they had such great plans for him that year…  Ten North Frederick and loan-outs to Warner, John Wayne’s Batjac company and, yes, even MGM when The Decks Ran Red.
  5. John Gavin, Psycho, 1959.    Alfred Hitchcock’s first choice proved too pricey for the November 30, 1959, start of  the low budget, “TV-style” Paramount movie #9401.  Hitch looked over Brian Keith, Robert Loggia, Leslie Nielsen, Cliff Robertson, Tom Tryon.  Oh and he kept Rod Taylor for his next one: The Birds. Gavin won. Because, as an  Universal contractee, he was… the cheapest. Sorely disappointed, Hitch  called him,  Oh and he kept Rod Taylor for his next one: The Birds. Hitch soon dubbed Gavin... “The stiff.”
  6. James Franciscus, Youngblood Hawke, 1964.   Truck driver makes good as a writer… At 27, Warren Beatty needed money and beat singer Bobby Darin, Terence Stamp (at 26 a year younger than Beatty) and the too old (36) George Peppard and Stuart Whitman to a mediocre Warners quickie based on Herman Wouk’s book. Beatty just never signed any contract. And so, Jack Warner canned him and slashed the budget - from colour to monochrome. And never forgave… “Warner Beaker.”
  7. Pat Boone, Goodbye Charlie, 1964.    Marilyn Monroe-Frank Sinatra-Whitman became Debbie Reynolds-Tony Curtis-Boone. Whitman’s career quickly  dissipated into z-schlock and TV guest   over the next 40 (quiet)  years.
  8. Charlton Heston, Planet of the Apes, 1967.
  9. Doug McClure, The Land That Time  Forgot, 1974.    The  US co-producers, AIP refused finance a film with Whitman. So Amicus, the UK end, deep-sixed him from Movie That You Should Forget... Or, The Effects That Time Has Not Been Kind To...
  10. Alex Cord,  Inn of the Damned, Australia, 1973.   Stu had to quit due to family reasons and Kincaid went to Cord in the so-called Oxploitation chiller - nicknamed  “Hitchcock on horseback.” 
  11. Christopher Reeve, Rear Window, TV, 1998.   Way back in  April 1977, Whitman obtained the  rights for a two-hour TV re-make.  CUT to November 21, 1998, and  Hallmark made it with a truly disabled hero -  Reeve in his first role since being paralysed in a horse fall in 1995. Daryl Hannah filled in for Grace Kelly.  Barely.








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