Payday Loans
Billy Wilder (1906-2002)

  1. Jared Jussim, Jerry Maguire, 1996.    Scenarist-director Cameron Crowe kept asking his idol to play Dicky Fox, the movie’s cponscience.   “I am sorry, but I have to piss ice water on you right now and say I am not an actor. Goodbye!” Not even a visit to his office by Tom Cruise could persuade him. “I don’t think Tom Cruise has heard the word nothis often in a really long time,”  said Crowe.There is a touch of Wilder in the movie - stock footage of a plane taking off from Wilder’s Avanti,1972. Jussim did not take off. He was head of business affairs at Tri-Star and  this remains  his first and last movie.
  2. Steven Spielberg,  Vanilla Sky, 2001.     Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise  tried and failed again to net Wilder.  Tiny Tom's pal Spielberg agreed to walk-on, instead


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