Payday Loans

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Billy Zane

  1. Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing, 1987.   Can ya dance? Sure! (What else would a hungry actor say).   In  rehearsals, however, director Emile Ardolino realised that Zane could not dance.  So we can blame him (and first choice Val Kilmer), for the birth of Swayze. He  and Jennifer Grey were  dancers - but a decade older than planned. And they had not got on well during Red Dawn, 1983. Worse, he was no Italiano. It was suggested that the autobiographical writer-producer Eleanor Bergstein should try some of her old dancing partners.   “They’re either in jail or on parole," she said, settling for making Swayze Irish and preventing posters screaming:  ZANE GREY IN…
  2. Andy Garcia, The Godfather: Part III,  1991.
  3. Joe Pantoliano, Taxman, 1999.      Billy lost this one because of an idiot agent's error... Billy  loved Israeli director Avi Nesher's  script  (tax man stumbles over Russian Mafia murders) and asked his agent fix a  meeting with the producers.  His agent did so - but with the producers of Taxman (beautiful new tax inspector disrupts a town). Even with such differences - thriller v comedy -  no one  realised it wasn't the wrong film until half-way through the meet. Billy agreed to do it,  anyway.
  4. Vince Vaughn, Starsky and Hutch, 2004.      He was well out of what critics called Crime and Punishment.
  5. Kevin Spacey, Superman Returns, 2006.




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