Payday Loans

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Jennie Garth

  1. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Hull High, TV, 1990.   Garth passed on the teen soap musical to accept an offer from iconic TV producer Aaron Spelling.  She chose well. High was so low it was canned after six airings, while Jenni was Kelly Taylor for all 292 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 during 1990-2000, plus three chapters of Melrose Place, 1992,  and  20 more in 90210,  2008-2010. She also played herself six times in the third version: BH90210, in 2019.   Jennifer Blanc is Mrs Michael Biehn.

  2. Tiffani Thiessen, Saved By The Bell, TV, 1993-1994.   The rivals for Kelly Kapowski became friends - and later co-starreed in Beverly Hills 90210, 1994-200. Furthermodre, it was Jennie who planned the blind date that introduced Tiffani to her husband, actor Brady Smith.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma, 1995.    Garth, Nicole Kidman, Diane Lane and Joely Richardson - “we had many actresses, big and small, who wanted this part,” said US  autuer Douglas McGrath. He chose Gwyneth for his ultra British (Jane Austen) heroine. Because, ironically, of her brilliant Texan accent in Flesh and Bone.  “I grew up in Texas, and I’ve never heard an actor not from Texas sound remotely like a real Texan. I knew she had theatre training… The minute she started the read-through,  the very first line, I thought: She's going to be brilliant." 


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