Payday Loans

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Wayne Rogers (1933-2014)


  1. Mike Farrell, M*A*S*H, TV,1977.      Change of sidekick for Alan Alda after the third seasons from Rogers’ Trapper John McIntyre to Farrell’s BJ Hunnicutt. Farrell served 179 episodes to Rogers’ 73.
  2. Pernell Roberts, Trapper John, MD, TV, 1979-1986.       After quitting M*A*S*H in 1975, the second  “Trapper” McIntyre rejected the lead in the spin-off “because I don’t want to be typecast as a doctor.” Didn't work…   He was Dr Michael 57 times in House Calls, TV, 1979-1982... Dr Morrisay in Diagnosis Murder, TV, 1997…  and Dr Marchant in Miracle Dogs, TV, 2003.
  3. Geoffrey Scott, Dynasty, TV,1982-1984.     First thought for Krystle's first husband, tennis pro Samuel “Mark” Howard Jennings... who romanced Alexis and Fallon. Of course.

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