Payday Loans

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Greg Grunberg

1. - Mark Addy, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 2000).      Auditioned for Fred Flintstone after John Goodman passed on making the sequel. Instead of a chubby Yank, Fred went to a chubby Brit - from The Full Monty, 1997.

2. - Milo Ventimiglia, Heroes, TV, 2006-2010.       Known as “JJ’s good luck charm,” The Grunny is in almost everything his pal JJ Abrams writes - Alias, Heroes, Lost, Mission Impossible III. They’ve known each another since kindergarten. This time he tested as Peter Petrelli. And became the hear-everyone cop Matt Parkman.

3.  - Todd Jensen, Hero Wanted, TV, 2007.      One hero too many... Being in Heroes, meant Greg had no time to be Detective Wallace MacTee opposite Ray Liotta and Cuba Gooding Jr.

4/5 - Bruce Greenwood & Greg Ellis, Star Trek, 2008.      Greg, however, passed on Pike. “A great part,” said JJ. Then again, JJ didn’t write the film, simply producer-directed it while Grunny was off producer-co-writing his own thing (with another pal, Lawrence Trilling), a little movie they dare to call... Group Sex. “I wish them all the best,” said JJ. When Greg couldn’t even become Chief Enginerr Olson (Ellis), JJ kept his usual talisman aboard as the radio voice of Kirk's alcoholic stepfather...


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