Payday Loans

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Michelle Ryan

  1. Eva Green, Casino Royale2005.
  2. Scarlett Alice Johnson, Adulthood, 2007.     The East Enders beauty won Lexi in then retributive drama, and then asked to leave in order to accept an LA offer for the (short-lived) US TV series re-make of Bionic Woman, 2007. The LA series collapsed and Ryan returned hometo a dozenLondon TV and movie roles infour years. Her replacement was another Albert Square star.
  3. Freeman Agyeman, Doctor Who #179:Smith and Jones, 2007.    The EastEnders soap star (over 522 episodes) was in the mix for Doc10 David Tennant’s new travelling rug in 2006.But “Mish-Mash” agreed only to be his companion -Lady Christina de Souza - for the 2009 Easter Special, #200:Planet of the Dead.


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