Payday Loans

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Luke Evans


  1. Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy, 2011.      Three was enough for Matt Damon. (Until 2015…!) The studio did not agree and kept the franchise alive by rebooting Jason Bourne as Aaron Cross - “There Was Never Just One.”  But who should play him from 19 hopefuls? Not good Evans, who went down-under to be Bard in The Hobbit.. Renner, Hollywood’s new white hope since The Hurt Locker, was already picked to carry on the Mission: Impossible franchise
  2. Joel Edgerton, The Great Gatsby, 2011.      The Welshman was up for the role of  Tom Buchanan, which went to  one of his 14  Bourne rivals, the Aussie  Edgerton.  And they both lost their next call...
  3. Ryan Gosling, Gangster Squad, 2012.     The City v Public Enemy #1, circa ’49. Apart from Sean Penn’s uproarious make-up as Mickey Cohen (befitting his worst rôle), Gosling won LAPD sergeant Jerry Wooters from Edgerton, Adam Brody, Luke Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  4. Colin Farrell, Winter’s Tale, 2013.      Martin Scorsese called Mark Helprin’s maelstrom of a novel unfilmable.Steven Spielberg gave up in 1983. AuteurAkiva Goldman didn’t stray far fom the fantasy brigade for his  reincarnation romance. Up for  the Manhattan burglar falling for the heiress who dies in his arms were Hemsworth from Hunger Games, Luke Evans (Bard in The Hobbit), Garrett TronHedlund, Tim Hiddldston (Loki in Thor),Aaron Kick-AssTaylor-Johnson and Benjamin Walker aka Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Long before all those, even Farrell had been Bullseye in Daredevil, circa 2002.  
  5. Ryan Gosling, Only God Forgives, 2012.    Evans was given the lead but The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey. And so,  after rigorous Muay Thai training (and a Thai diet), Gosling made his second  actioner for Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn - the new Eastwood and Don Siegel! 
  6. Colin Farrell, Winter's Tale, 2013.    Martin Scorsese called Mark Helprin’s maelstrom of a novel unfilmable. Steven Spielberg gave up in 1983. As the romantic thief Peter Lake, Farrell tried but could not rescue scenarist Akiva Goldsman’s poor directing debut. Evans, Garrett Hedlund, Liam Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Benjamin Walker could not have done better.
  7. Ben Affleck, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2015.
  8. Armie Hammer, Free Fire, 2015.      Change of Ord for the gangland shootout at the Boston warehouse, circa 1978.
  9. Sharlto Copley, Free Fire, 2016.    Vernon changed actors, attitude and styles - he was respun for Copley - when Evans was stuck in Beauty and the Beast. Anything was better than this Reservoir Dogs wannabe which somehow snared Brie Larson… just she won the Best Actress Oscar for Room.
  10. Logan Marshall-Green, Sand Castle, 2016.  Netflix paid for this (very) demi (very demi) Platoon, following Henry Cavill’s GI squad ading a raqui village in 2003. Evans, a very busy Brit, had to pass Sergeant Harper to Charleston’s Marshall-Green.




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