Payday Loans

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Michael Pitt

  1. Cillian Murphy, Red Eye, 2004.    Horrorsmith Wes Craven also saw Kevin Bacon, Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, Ray Liotta, John Malkovich, Edward Norton, Sean Penn and John Travolta.Craven saidMurphy’s eyes won the creepy....Jackson Rippner.(Geddit?) 
  2. Jeremy Renner,The Bourne Legacy, 2011.      Three was enough for Matt Damon. The studio did not agree and kept the franchise alive by rebooting Jason Bourne as Aaron Cross - “There Was Never Just One.” But who shouldplay him from 19 hopefuls? Well, not Pitt - soon ruling HBOs Boardwalk Empire series. Renner, Hollywood’s new (and young) white hope since The Hurt Locker, was also picked as heir apparent to the Mission: Impossible franchise.


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