Payday Loans
F Murray Abraham


  1. Cliff Gorman, An Unmarried Woman,  1977.    Abraham read well for the artist role, but Paul Mazursky found that Gorman (Broadway’s Lenny Bruce) more closely resembled the director’s  New York artist pals - they all had street savvy. 
  2. Charles Kay, Amadeus, 1983.    He was auditioning for Count Orsini-Rosenberg when director Milos Forman had him read some of Salieri’s scenes.  And got the part.  And the Best Supporting Oscar.
  3. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie),  TV, 1996.     Hollywood goes Who. Why?  For the pilot of a USeries to exhume the BBC science-fiction cult, buried since it ran out of puff after 26 seasons in 1989. As if to prove this was big deal LA in action (!), some 63 actors were listed for Doc8 and a further 71(well, some were on both lists) for his foe, The Master. Such as… James Bond, Caligula, Dracula, Gandhi, Freddy Krueger, Magnum, Jean-Luc Picard, Han Solo,  Spock and  - hey, they’re doctors! - Emmett Brown and Frank-N-Furter. Aka… Timothy Dalton, Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Lee, Ben Kingsley, Robert Englund, Tom Selleck, Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lloyd. Tim Curry.  And a certain Antonio Salieri…

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