Payday Loans
Alun Armstrong

  1. Gareth Thomas, Blake's 7, TV, 1978-1981.   Still going strong  at the BBC 35 years later in New Tricks, the County Durham actor was seen for Roj Blake, head of what Terry Nation (also the creator of Doctor Who’s Daleks) pitched asThe Dirty Dozen In Space… His rivals included Tom Adams. Warren Clarke, Maurice Colbourne, Brian Croucher (he played Travis for six episodes), Paul Darrow (who became the icy Avon), Peter Egan, Martin Jarvis, Christian Roberts and Donald Sumpter.  Welshman Thomas quit after 28 of the 52 chapters when The Beeb wouldn’t let him direct. He never did direct for TV - never watched himself on the box, either.
  2. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984.     Probably unknown to them, 17 UK actors were on the list for Roger Derebridge in Cannon’s science fiction tosh - “completely batshit insane,” said critic Stephanie Scaife, on the Brutal As Hell website.   They were: Armstong, Ralph Bates, Hwyel Bennett, Michael Byrne, Tom Chadbon, Lewis Collins, Brian Cox, Kenneth Cranham, Peter Davison, Martin Jarvis, Michael Kitchen, John McEnery, Bill Nighy, David Robb, Oliver Tobias, Simon Ward, Stuart Wilson.
  3. John Hallam, Lifeforce, 1984.     After some lists totaling  between four and 44 actors per role, London  casting queens Maud Spector and Ann Stanborough had just six choices for Lamson: Armstrong, Michael Byrne, Michael Kitchen, John McEnery, George Sewell and the winning Hallam. Not his lucky day.  The rubbish  could have been called Carry On Astronuts.   
  4. Chris Sullivan, Lifeforce, 1984.    Also in the other short list for Kelly.  With Michael Byrne, Michael Kitchen, John McEnery. “Lifeforce is a movie about Halley’s comet,” said Paul Attanasio, The Washington Post, “and if we’re lucky, we won’t see another like it for 75 years.”  

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