Payday Loans
Joss Ackland

  1. George Sanders, The Kremlin Letter, 1970. The stage actor's biggest break (director Fred Zinnemann's version of Man's Fate by André Malraux) was cancelled during rehearsals. John Huston asked him to be a transvestite CIAgent.  But producer  Cart DeHaven “insisted on a transatlantic name.”
  2. Nigel Davenport, Villain, 1971. How to steal a choice role... Changing his clothes and hair-style, Ackland burst into producer Alan Ladd Jr's London  office, hauled him out of his chair and made things quite plain as befitting an East End gangster. “If you don't give me this bleedin' part, I'll break your bloody neck.”
  3. Klaus Maria Brandauer.  Out of Africa, 1985.  As  he was offered the film, the BBC asked him to be CS Lewis in Shadowlands - “a great part in a little jewel and one of the most successful TV films ever.”


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