Payday Loans

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Jordan Peele

  1. Wood Harris, Ant-Man, 2014.   “There’s no good audition,” said the TV star of Key & Peele).  “It’s an exquisitely mortifying experience.” Like Ant-Man.  Did he get the part? “The funny thing is, I actually did. But the audition was a nightmare. This was when Edgar Wright was still directing it. It was one of those things where my manager tells me: You got the gig. Just go in there. It’s a done deal. They just want to see you on camera. So I go in there, it’s like four lines. You think you don’t need the script because you studied it so much. I told them: That was shit. That was awful. I apologise. I’ve wasted your time. And then Edgar was, ‘No, no, that was good.’ I guess that’s how Hollywood works now - I had the worst audition of my life.  And I got the role anyway. So, my manager did not lie.” But  Wright was dumped and Peyton Reed helmed the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With the tougher-looking Harris as Gale.  Peele then turned  director with succesive and massive hits:  Get Out, 2016, and Us, 2018..  

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