Payday Loans

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Macauley Culkin


  1. Michael Oliver, Problem Child, 1989.   First of three films about Junior, the adopted child from Hell
  2. Elijah Wood,  Radio Flyer, 1991.  Rescuing the overly  dark version  of  novice writer David Mickey Evans, director Richard Donner changed the adults and found Culkin "too funny" for the story.
  3. Norman D Golden II, Cop And A Half,  1992.  Left it (and $1.5m) due to "script problems"  - at age 11!  Plus the fact  that  his father  got him $8m for Home Alone II, 1992. Dealing with Fox, Kit Culkin said "You  want this? We want this" and passed over a note saying: BIG BUCKS.
  4. Ryan Todd, Pontiac Moon, 1994. "If you get Macauley Culkin,  even a gorilla could play the father," was MGM's tip to writer-director Jeff Brown.
  5. Brad Renfro, The Client, 1994. Powerful author John Grisham made it clear. No professional Hollywood kids, get a local, from the Memphis area -  or forget it!  Renfro, a drug and booze victim, was dead by 2008.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic, 1996.
  7. Chris Farley, Beverly Hills Ninja, 1997. "Everyone was waiting for a performer - whoever was hot at the moment," said the writers as their comedy scuttled from Dana Carvey to Steven Seagal to young Culkin in a ten year gestation.
  8. J Evan Bonifant, Blues Brothers 2000, 1998.Only the kid was wiser than his elders and recognised celluloid camembert. Just as he knew not to make theMy Girl sequel, 1994, also with Dan Aykroyd.
  9. Joshua Malina, The West Wing, 2002-06.  A nutty notion!  Home Alone At The White House!! As if to prove Rob Lowe's character was not replaced  so  much as his function, the job went to  Maina  and his character helped make Lowe  a US Senator as his get-out storyline.  Lowe returned for the final two episodes in 2006, to assist the new Prez, Jimmy Smits.  By 2007, Lowe was running for  President in TV's Brothers & Sisters.
  10. Crispin Glover, Willard, 2003. Joaquin Phoenix also refused.
  11. Michael C Hall, Dexter, TV, 2006-2014.  The Showtime cable network shortlisted 14 stars, from the impossible (Culkin, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Ben Stiller) to the plausible (John Cusack, Jake Gyllenhaal James Spader) for the Miami Metro PD bloodstain pattern analyst moonlighting  as a serial killer... of serial killers. 
  12. Gaspard Ulliel, Hannibal Rising, 2007. Most surprising choice to test for   Hannibal Lecter: The Teenage Years - more of a revenge trip for the wartime murder of his sister than a  cannibal’s apprenticeship. Naturally,many Brits were tested, only other American was Star Wars’ Hayden Christiansen.




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