Payday Loans
Timothy Dalton

  1. Nick Tate, The Battle of Britain, 1969.     With A Lion In Winter safely behind him, he auditioned for one of the many (actually, “The Few”) RAF pilots.
  2. George Lazenby, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969.
  3. Michael York, Cabaret, 1971.    To accommodate Liza Minnelli, Sally Bowles was changed from Brit to Yank in the Bob Fosse musical - and so vice-versa for her pal, Brian Roberts (aka the author Christopher Isherwood, called Clifford Bradshaw on stage). About 20 Brits were seen for Brian including Leonard Romeo Whiting and the future James Bond. Plus  Tim Curry, David Hemmings, Jeremy Irons, Malcolm McDowell, John McEnery, Paul Nicholas, future auteur Bruce Robinson. John Rubinstein was the sole American, when it looked as if York could not  get free in time and Brian would be American after all. 
  4. Robin Ellis, Poldark, TV, 1975-77.     Before Ellis became a BBC sensation as Ross Poldark,Winston Graham’s 18th Century aristocratic swashbuckler, was offered to Dalton, Leigh Lawson and Ian McShane.
  5. Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only, 1981.
  6. Roger Moore, Octopussy, 1981.
  7. James Fox, Anna Pavlova, A Woman For All Time, 1983.   Quit the first Anglo-Soviet co-production to be Hotspur in the Royal Shakespeare Company's HenryIV."It might be the worst decision of my career.I might make acomplete balls of it.But something in me says I should do this."Playing Pavlova's husband began Fox's comeback after ten years as a religious missionary.
  8. Michael Billington, KGB: The Secret War, 1985.      Dalton asked too much to be thedouble agent (KGB and CIA) Peter Hubbard.By now, Daltonwasto be Bond andBillington (the most tested of all possible 007s) was not. Walter Gotell, aka General Gogol in the 70s’ Bonds was also cast.
  9. George Corraface, Christopher Columbus:The Discovery, 1992.   Announced with typical Salkind flourish during the 1991 Cannes festival in May, Tim quit by November.Original director (and Isabella Rossellini) had also gone, succeeded by Bondsmith John Glen, who helped select the Mahabharata star. Deja vucasting by producer Ilya Salkind: "The moment Corraface walked into the room, we knew he was our Columbus.Like the first time we saw Christopher Reeve.We knew he was our Superman."Hedging theirbox-office bets, the Salkindsalso booked Brando - for both films.
  10. Charles Dance, Last Action Hero, 1993.     Dance replaced Tim, who replaced William Atherton, who (Dance thought) replaced Alan Rickman.  “It was obviously written for him.” 

  11. James Earl Jones, The Lion King, 1993.    Two ex-Bonds – Dalton, Sean Connery - plus Liam Neeson were considered royal enough to voice King Musafa in the 32nd Disney toon - known as “Bambi meets Hamlet in Africa.”
  12. Pierce Brosnan, GoldenEye, 1994.
  13. Paul McGann, Doctor Who (The Movie), TV, 1996.
  14. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie), TV, 1996.  Hollywood goes Who. Why?For the pilot of a USeries to exhume the BBC science-fiction cult, buried since since it ran out of puff after 26 seasons in 1989. As if to prove this wasbig deal LA(!) in action, some 63 actors were listed for Doc8 and a further 71(Dracula, Gandhi, Han Solo, Freddy Krueger, Magnum, Spock, etc) for his foe, The Master.Well, some were on both lists, such as (hey, he was doctor, too, right) Frank-N-Furter and Bond, James Bond - aka Tims Curry and Dalton.The ex-007finally entered the franchise as Lord President Rassilon in Doc10 David Tennant’s farewell, #202: The End of the World, 2009-2010.





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