Payday Loans
Susan Anspach

  1. Karen Black, Five Easy Pieces, 1970. She read for Jack Nicholson’s lover, and asked yo be his brother’s fiancée, Catherine Van Oost. “Jack wanted Lauren Hutton. [Scenarist] Carole Eastman wanted Jeanne Moreau. Bob Rafelson wanted me. So I got it.” Plus a son, Caleb, from her affair with Nicholson.
  2. Maggie McOmie, THX 1138, 1971.    “First film I was ever offered.”  George Lucas' feature debut, based on his USC short. “But I didn't want to shave my head.”
  3. Ronnee Blakely, Nashville, l975.    Two stories. Director Robert Altman: “As the picture developed we coudn't afford her.  She wouldn't drop her price,  so we lost her.” Anspach: “I had a nervous breakdown” - unhappy with Altman's low-salary ensemble  casting.  Ronee had never acted before - “she was as good as anyone in the film,” said Altman. She had  already written some of Barbara Jean's songs.


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