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Asia Argento

  1. Salma Hayek, The Wild Wild West, 1999.   “The script was so misogynistic.” No wonder Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez also backed away from being Rita Escobar. As Argento got busier - with her father’s films, plus those of Michael Radford, Abel Ferrara and her own - the Italian star easily thumbed her nose at Hollywood. Like almost everyone else concerned with the enterprise - including the star and director, Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld - Hayek hated the movie.
  2. Thandi Newton, Mission Impossible 2, 1999.    John Woo-ed her to no avail to join Tom Cruise and Dougray  Scott.
  3. Clara Choveaux, Tiresia, France,  2003.      Not being free to work with Paris pal Bertrand Bonello was “the only regret in my cinema career.” She  made up for it by making  his Cindy, The Doll Is Mine, 2005.
  4. Stefania Rocca, Il Cartaio/The Card Player, Italy, 2004.     “I'm  glad she quit,” said her father, horror-director Dario Argento. “Three films together was enough. We argued a lot.”
  5. Emmanuelle Seigner, Giallo, Italy-Spain-UK-US, 2008.     Vincent Gallo as Giallo. That was the plan for the serial killer until his ex-lover, Asia, was also cast - hardly surprising as the torture-porn horror was helmed by daddy Dario. She then quit when pregnant.

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