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Edward Arnold (1890-1956)

  1. Akim Tamiroff, For Whom The Bell Tolls, 1943.     It tolled for most of  the usual suspects for such a support role: Edward Arnold, Wallace Beery, Lee J Cobb,   even Charles Laughton and Edward G Robinson. 
  2. Walter Huston, Dragon Seed, 1943.       Insulting! Pearl Buck’s book had a point - exposing Japanese atrocities in China.  MGM made it a farce, with the unlikeliest-looking Chinese ever spawned by Hollywood… And  could only think of their usual paterfamilias for Ling Tan. Except Arnold, Donald Crisp, Frank Morgan and Walter Pidgeon  failed their Eurasian make-up tests.  Huston looked about as Chinese at as his daughter. Katharine  Hepburn.
  3. Lionel Barrymore, It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946. 
  4. Chester Morris, The She-Creature, 1955.        Veteran heavy Arnold died (at 66) shortly before shooting started. In the delay before Morris enjoyed himself as what can only be termed a serial hypnotist, Peter Lorre and Mike Connors fled the z-movie - subbed by Tom Conway and Lance Fuller.
  5. Chester Morris, The She-Creature, 1956.   The veteran Arnold died when due to be the diabolical hypnotist Dr Lombardi, opposite Petge Lorre and Mike Connors. Morris took over, opposite the lousily casr Tom Conway and Lance Fuller. Result: The kind of Z-movie that gave schlock a bad name.

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