Payday Loans
Emmanuelle Béart


  1. Sophie Marceau, La Boum (US: The Party), 1979.  The future star was among the kids seen by realisateur Claude  Pinoteau and casting director Françoise Ménidrey for the role that made a star of the ex-Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu. Beart’s star just took a little longer.  Her career cooled off in in the mid-Naughties. …  Marceau, however, was still  above-the-title 35 years later.
  2. Anny Duperey, Psy,  France, 1980.     She missed a delightful French farce.
  3. Charlotte Lewis, Pirates, 1985.  “Stop this cruel jest, I implore you. Stop it at once.” Beautiful Beart testing in Paris, 1983.  When neither Isabelle Adjani or Nastassja Kinsksi excited US backers, director Roman Polanski called in French casting icon Dominque Besnehard. Beart’s tests were fine, but also caused  scant tumesence in Hollywood suits.  She went instead into L’Amour en douce oppoisite Daniel Auteuil - and they wed. Not the  last  couple first introduced by Besnehard.  There was also Sophie Marceau-Christophe(r) Lambert and Emmanuelle Seigner and Polanski, himself.
  4. Alexandra London, Van Gogh, France, 1991.    Committed when her lover, Daniel Auteuil, was to be Vincent.  Ironically, she then played a painter's model in La Belle Noiseuse -  nude for nearly all four hours of it.
  5. Maria de Medeiros, Pulp Fiction, 1993.
  6. Emily Watson, Wah-Wah, 2004.    Actor Richard E Grant turned writer-director to relate his Swaziland childhood with dysfunctional, not to say wildly inappropriate parents.  He kept a diary about the shoot, freely admitting that Beart, Toni Collette, Meg Ryan, Rachel Weisz all turned him down… for roles as varied as his mother and his American airline stewardess step-mom.

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