Payday Loans
Edna May Oliver (1883-1942)

  1. Lucille Watson, The Bishop Misbehaves, 1934.  Change of Lady Emily, sister of the bishop-cum-detective - Edmund Gwenn in his Hollywood debut as an upgraded Father Brown. UK censors ordered a new title, The Bishop's Misadventures  “because bishops do not misbehave.” Of course not!
  2. Janet Beecher, The Mighty Barnum, 1934.      No can do. And no will do, added EMO, unnwilling to cycle between two films (and studios) on alternate days. She was already Aunt Betsey in in MGM’s David Copperfield. After throwing out John Huston’s script, head Fox Darryl F Zanuck declared: “First, last and always our Barnum should be a comedy, a boisterous, loud-mouthed comedy with a tear. ” ie showman Phineas T Barnum must be Wallace Beery.
  3. Constance Collier, Professional Soldier, 1934.      Change of Lady Augusta - far better in the choice of an English actress, after all. Then again all eyes were on the uncredited gypsy dancer. Rita Hayworth!
  4. Helen Broderick, Murder On A Bridle Path, 1935.       RKO kicked off what we now call a franchise (or a series - Murder She Wrote, anyone?) with Oliver as Stuart Palmer’s creation: the feisty schoolmarm Miss Hildergarde Withers, giving good detection to James Gleason’s Inspector Oscar Piper. After solving three murder cases - Penguin Pool Murder, 1931,  Murder on the Blackboard, 1933, Murder on a Honeymoon, 1935 -  Oliver quit RKO. And the series died. Oh, the suits tried some mouth-to-mouth. Like this one with Broderick as Miss Marple, er… Withers…and two more with Zazu Pitts, no less.  The public could hardly have cared less. 
  5. Helen Westley, Show Boat, 1936.      She sacrificed repeating her Broadway triumph success as Parthenia “Parthy” Hawks for her one and only Shakespeare experiences as The Nurse in director George Cukor’s Romeo and Juliet.... Farcically played by Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer. At ages 42 and  33! 
  6.  Billie Burke, The Wizard of Oz, 1938.
  7. Margaret Hamilton, The Wizard of Oz, 1938.
  8. Elizabeth Patterson, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, 1938.      Head Fox Darryl F Zanuck got his own way about “containing too much science and not enough romance.” But not about who should be Mrs MacGregor. 

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