Payday Loans
Tom Bell (1933-2006)

  1. Dean Stockwell, Sons and Lovers, 1962.   "And I'd loved to have done that. But The Big Boys didn't care."Not after the way he drunkenly heckled Prince Phillip during a Brtitish Film Academy dinner.“Yeah, many doors shut after that.” He got there in the end, not as young Paul Morel, but as his father in a 1981 TVersion.
  2. Ben Kingsley, Betrayal, 1982.     Biggest movie role he had been close to in  years... Ian McKellan was  also seen for Robert in Sam Spieigel’s final (and ill-chosen) film from his The Last Tycoon scenarist Harold Pinter’s semi-autobiographical play examining all  stages of a love affair (in reverse!). Sam said Ben was too old and that was that…  until Ben seduced him at their meeting. Next, Sam was upset by his fledging director David Jones. Why?  “Because he’s never worried and that worries me  a great deal.”



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