Payday Loans
Izabella Scorupco

1. - Kim Basinger, LA Confidental, 1997.    Sudden   global fame at 25 as a Bond girl - in GoldenEye, 1995   -   proved   suffocating for the Swedish ex-model and pop singer. She   quit showbiz and started a family. "People say I turned down   an Oscar but that's how Kim played it. With me, it might not have   been such a good film."

2. - Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Mask of Zorro, 1998.    Penelope Cruz, Swedish model  Scorupco and singer Shakira passed after director Robertg Rodriguez and Salma Hayek (hisElena choice) were elbowed out of a much tougher rendition by Columbia… closer to his El Mariachifranchise,also played by Antonio Banderas (and Hayek).  Producer Steven Spielberg found Catherine in  the 1996 TV mini-series take of Titanic. Izabella’s 007-maker, Martin Campbell, called and she visited Mexico, rehearsed dancing with Antonio Banderas, even dyed her blonde tresses black - "I looked a joke!" Back in Sweden she kept having the same nightmare - "of my agent saying: "I'm dropping you - as you won't work anymore"  Her family gave her a solid base to start from again - in   Sweden’s The Diver, 1999.


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