Payday Loans
Lizabeth Scott (1922-2015)

  1. Ann Richards, Love Letters, 1944.   Director William Dieterie selected Richards for Singleton and Scott for her pal, That was before Jennifer Jones cleared her schedule’s decks. Then, she was Singleton, the Australian Richards was Dilly and Scott was seething in a corner somewhere.
  2. Joan Fontaine, The Affairs of Susan,1944.  Scottt tested as Susan in the Rashômonof wedding stories. But, as the credits made clear:  “Miss Fontaine's services obtained by arrangement with David O. Selznick.”
  3. Jane Greer, The Big Steal, 1949.     Liz junked it fast - fearing co-star Robert   Mitchum's marijuana bust would sully her reputation. That was soon enough smeared for being lesbian, when her studio was aghast   at - to quote   one of   her 1951 titles - The Company She Keeps.
  4. Carolyn Jones, King Creole, 1957.    A year earlier, the LA Times said that Scott – the cut-price Laurem Bacall - was “still pegged” for the story by Harold Robbins. Until Paramount borrowed Jones from Warner. 

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