Payday Loans
Anne Shirley (1918-1993)

  1. Charlotte Henry, Alice In Wonderland, 1932.       Walt Disney and Mary Pickford were planning a part-animation version that year until Paramount secured all rights in April. Then, from the usual “more than 7,000 applicants” (yeah, sure), the short-list included Henry, Shirley, Marge Champion, Paulette Goddard, Betty Grable, Ida Lupino. And Sue Kellog, who became Henry’s stand-in - her one and only movie credit.
  2. Florence Rice, Father Takes A Wife, 1941.       Something better came along: The Devil and Daniel Webster for director William Dieterle.
  3. Ruth Warrick, Obliging Young Lady, 1941.     Not what it sounds like (a hooker’s card in a 60s’ Soho phone booth). During the 1940 pre-production phase, the LA Times said Shirley was in talks to be the legal secretary guarding a kid in middle of a messy divorce. Silly comedy but memorable for an Edmond O’Brien - slim and funny!
  4. Bonnie Barnes, Call Out The Marines, 1941.      As the (unknown) directors kept changing - - the father-son team of Jack and Tim Holt churned into Victor McLaglen and Edmund Lowe. Just as their gals went from Anne Shirley and the French Simone Simon to London’s Barnes and Rhode Island’s Dorothy Lovett. Only thing that worked like a charm was the 100% cooperation of the US Marine Corps.
  5. Martha Scott, So Well Remembered, 1946.      Change of Olivia in one of the first Anglo-American movies after WWII - co-produced by RKO and J Arthur Rank's (pre Rank Organisation) Alliance.


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