Payday Loans
Phil Silvers (1911-1985)

  1. Edward Ashley, Pride and Prejudice, 1940.         Aldous Huxley worked onthe script and MGM felt their new signing,a rapid fire Brooklyn Jewish burlesque comic, could pass as an English clergyman..! Phil’s test -“Your modesty does you no dis-soy-vice” - hurt his career and he arranged to have it destroyed. JazzmanArtie Shaw said MGM didn’t know Silvers was acomic.“He wore glasses, so they thought: Treat him as a serious prime minister or something.”
  2. Jack Carson, Gentleman Jim, 1941.       Director Raoul Walsh didn’t always get his own way.   Errol Flynn as the boxer Corbett, yeah sure. But Head Brother Jack Warner (or was it Flynn?) did not fancy the champion scene-stealer Batry Fitzgerald as Jim’s father. Nor Phil Silvers as Walter. Nor Rita Hayworth or Ann Shsridan as the socialite beauty, Victoria. Walsh made do with Alan Hale, Jack Carson, Alexis Smith, while managing to keep Errol Flynn as Corbett.
  3. Myron McCormick,  China Girl, 1942.    Change of Shorty McGuire in the WWII  drama  - with Gene Tierney and George Montgomery
  4. John Astin, Move Over, Darling, 1963.    Under New Management casting as Marilyn Monroe’s aborted Something’s Got To Give, 1962, becomes a Doris Day vehicle!
  5. Milton Berle, The Loved One, 1965.    Margaret Leighton had a change of husband as The Kentons - visited by a member of the Happier Hunting Ground Pet Cemetery -in UK stage-screen director Tony Richardson’s disastrous version of the Eveleyn Waugh satire.


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