Payday Loans
Stella Stevens

  1. Elsa Martinelli, Hatari! 1961.    For the typical Haward Hawks lady in the safari pack, The Grey Fox wanted a Jean Harlow-Red-Dust type. Hence: Stella! Then, he went all Italian: Claudia Cardinale or his agent Charles Feldman’s client.
  2. Martha Hyer, The Carpetbaggers, 1963.     In agreement with the Paramount powers-that-were, Stella quit the studio after losing the Jennie Denton role to Hyer… who just happened to be the lover (and future widow) of the studio’s VIP – very important producer - Hal B Wallis.   They were wed in 1966 until his death 20 years later.
  3. Sandra Dee, That Funny Feeling, 1965.    Due for Stella one year earlier ,it cashed on the newlyweds:  “Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee” and her singer-hubby Bobby Darin.

  4. Carroll Baker, Harlow, 1965.     
    Stella would have perfect. Baker was not even adequate. But she was under contract to Joseph E  Levine after The Carpetbaggers -  where she played the Harlowesque Rina Marlowe - and to Joe shewas a sex-symbol. (He was 60!).  Jayne, Marilyn and Mamie Van Doren were the more inevitable blondes seen for the trashiest of Hollywood biopix. Marilyn threw up when reading a previously rotten Fox version. “I hope they don’t do that  to me  after I've  gone.” (They did).  Baker had been the Harlowesque Rina Marlowe in the same producer’s Carpetbaggers.  Only true elements in this one were the names of Harlow, her second husband, her mother, stepfather and agent (who’d helped write the Irving Schulman book). The rest was 250% bullshit. MGM was Majestic, the head Metro lion, Louis B Mayer was re-named Everett Redman, Clark Gable and Howards Hughes became Jack Harrison and  Richard Manly jn a script having her dying from pneumonia, not uremic poisoning. None of her real films were even alluded to, just fake titles like Luscious Lady, Sin City and The Blonde Virgin.

  5. Inger Stevens, A Time for Killing, 1966.  Even Stevens…  Very dificult to choose between them - two of my favourites. Easy, said producer and (uncredited) co-director Roger Corman, choosing Stella over Inger as Glenn Ford’s missionary lover for an extremely  tepid, tired Western.
  6. Dyan Cannon, Doctors’ Wives, 1970.      Stevens was set for Lorrie, but Cannon had greater fire power. As the ex-Mrs Cary Grant. Got top-billing, too, despite being shot dead when in bed with the wrong doctor in opening eight minutes!
  7. Ali MacGraw, The Getaway, 1972.    When director Peter Bogdanovich (and his lady, Cybill Shepherd) fell out of the mix, Sam Peckinpah moved in and wanted his Cable Hoguestar Stella Stevens, Angie Dickinson or Dyan Cannon as Steve McQueen’s missus. Except Paramount boss Robert Evans wanted a change of image for his missus. "I can see it now - McQueen & MacGraw." Huge mistake. Ali ran off with her co-star.,  McQueen & McQueen.  They were wed during 1973-1978.  Ali "despised" her performance. "I really couldn't look at it." She was not alone.



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