Payday Loans
Liv Ullmann

  1. Janet Suzman, Nicholas and Alexandra, 1971. Michael Jayston tested with her. He won, she didn't. "She was separating from Ingmar Bergman at the time and [producer Sam] Spiegel didn't like her."
  2. Jill Clayburgh, La Luna, Italy, 1979. Italian maestroBernardo Bertolucci wrote it for her. Just never waited forThe Norwegian Angel to be free."Only thing I was sure about,was I didn't want an Italian mamma as Catarina!"
  3. Angie Dickinson, Dressed To Kill, 1980. Helmer Brian De Palma did not understand that the stars (and ex-wives)   of the Swedish regissor Ingmar Bergman did do garbage. De Palma wanted Liv-Sean Connery, got Angie-Michael Caine. She was against the violence - and nudity. For Dickinson, De Palma happily employed a body double ... prompting a whole other film. Just as bad.
  4. Eva Fröling, Fanny och Alexander/Fanny and Alexander, Sweden, 1981. Prickly genius Ingmar Bergman was most upset and reprimanded Liv when his ex-lover refused the role of Emilie Ekdahl - basically (and as she well knew) his mother. He allegedly told Liv that she had “lost her birthright.”
  5. Janet Suzman, Priest of Love, 1982. Considered for Frieda, German wife of DH Lawrence.
  6. Jill Clayburgh, Shy People, 1987. Hollywood's Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky originally wrote it for Liv and Melina Mercouri.
  7. Carole Bouquet, Sex And The City, TV, 2004. As a fan of the series, Liv was keen on guesting in the final episode: An American Girl in Paris. But… "They asked me to be in the last two episodes where Carrie was going to Paris to meet Baryshnikov and they asked me to play his ex-wife and I said: ‘No! Have they seen me? They'll die when I get off the plane." I'm sure they had seen pictures of me in my youth. I loved Sex and the City, Loved it! I would have given my arm to be in it, but I didn't want them to be shocked when they saw me."



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