Payday Loans
Jan-Michael Vincent (1944-2019)

  1. Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws, 1975. 
  2. James Coburn, Hard Times, 1975.    Director Walter Hill’s favourite casting tip came from Broadway legend George Abbot: “Directors like to think there’s only one actor who can play a certain part, but there’s always somebody else.”  All true, said Hill, having written the Hard Times lead for a much younger man.“I thought we’d get someone like Jan-Michael Vincent… and I wanted Warren Oates for Coburn’s part. But it worked out.”
  3. Christopher Reeve, Superman, 1977.
  4. Richard Cox, Cruising, 1980.     When Andu Wahol's  apprentice, Paul Morrissey, was due to direct the walk the gay side.  


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