Payday Loans
Jacques Weber

  1. Gérard Depardieu, Jean De Florette, France-Italy-Switzerland, 1985. While producteur-realisateur (and monstre sacrée) Claude Berri was testing the stage-screen star for Marcel Pagnol’s titular hunchback, cameraman Bruno Nuttyen suggested Depardieu - who rapidly agreed and brought with him co-production money and his wife, Elisabeth, as his screen wife, Aimée. “Yes, Berri was a monster,” said Depardieu. “Like Marguerite Duras or Maurice Pialat were monsters in their genre.”
  2. Gérard Depardieu, Germinal, France, 1992. Trying to cast Emile Zola’s brave type miner, Touissaint Maheu, was not easy. The realisateur (Claude Berri  again) first  discussed it with Depardieu on a flight to New York... though, still thinking of the mainly stage star Weber. Then, Berri thought again - and saved his film.  His fourth with Depardieu.

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