Payday Loans
Oskar Werner (1922-1984)

  1. Maurice Ronet, Les Puits et la Pendule, France,TV, 1964.     Werner had hit big in François Truffaut’s Jules et Jim, 1962. So The Uncle of the New Wave, critic turned auteur Alexandre Astruc, asked him to star in his TVersion of  The Pit and the Pendulum. Werner refused. Because of the script. Or, one scene in the script. Where… a rat would run  across his face. Keine chance, m’sieur!
  2. Cyril Cusack, Fahrenheit 451, 1966.     To his eternal regret, the New Wave legend François Truffaut chose Werner to be  Ray Bradbury's fireman Montag.  With his head enlarged by Hollywood and Ship of Fools, 1965, Werner acted like a prima donna, hated Julie Christie playing both women, even claimed contributions to Truffaut's Jules et Jim script.  "He could hardly speak French," snorted Truffaut. "Had to read lines off a  board."
  3. Hardy Krüger, Barry Lyndon, 1975.     Like auteur François Truffaut seven years before  him (on Farenheit 451, 1968), Stanley Kubrick did not take kindly to the ego-striven German star   - and fired him after three weeks. Such a pity that Truffaut did not do the same  during Fahrenheit 451  in 1966.

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