Payday Loans
Ann Blyth

  1. Mona Freeman, Danger Signal, 1944.   Not seeing the danger signals of a toboggan going out of control meant she had to pull out of the melo after  two weeks' shooting...  Freeman  took over as victim, like her sister (nearly Bette Davis) , of con-man come (literal) lady-killer Zachary Scott.
  2. Helena Carter, River Lady, 1947.    Stephanie Morrison was first given to Blyth, who was probably happy to leave the Rod Cameron programmer. Oh, and Yvonne de Carlo’s river boat was played by the 1929 Showboat.   It’s all in the details, you know…
  3. Gale Storm, Abandoned, 1949.   Originally signed to rival Deana Durbin at Universal, Ann was locked into froth. She bided her time, even went on suspension (rather than break this baby adoption racket with Dennis O'Keefe) until free (unlike another Durbin rival, Susanna Foster, and indeed Durbin, herself) to join the MGMusicals she craved.
  4. Claudette Colbert, One Minute To Zero, 1952.   Joan Crawford dillied and dallied about replacing the injured Colbert on a jinxed location in Colorado. So the role was swiftly respun for the (much) younger Blyth.
  5. Anne Baxter, The Ten Commandments, 1954 
  6. Elizabeth Taylor, Giant, 1955.
  7. Shirley Jones, Oklahoma! 1955. He saw both but director Fred Zinnemann wanted actors rather than singers. Montgomery Clift, James Dean, Paul Newman, Dale Robertson, Robert Stack, plus singers Vic Damone and Howard Keel, as Curly… Ann Blyth, Ailene Roberts, Eva Marie Saint, Joanne Woodward plus  singers Kathryn Grayson, Jane Powell… or even Piper Laurie for Laurey…Ernest Borgnine, Marlon Brando, Lee Marvin, Rod Steiger or Eli Wallach as poor Jud Fry. For a wee while, it looked as if Woodward and future husband Paul Newman would be Laurey and Curly. However, the musical’s parents had casting approval - Rodgers and Hammerstein agreed only about Steiger.  And Oklahoma was played by Arizona!



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