Payday Loans
Klaus Maria Brandauer

1. - Sean Connery,  The Hunt For Red October, 1989. “I wasn't fired,” insists  Brandauer.  “I was too  busy with The French Revolution, then directing and acting in Seven Minutes.” Then again, the German  was gone - and fast - once Connery  proved available as commander of the Russian atomic sub, Red October. He was Paramount's major joy after his Untouchables Oscar and being Indiana Jones' dad.

2. -  Ben Kingsley, The Children, 1900. Rather than working with Kim Novak, he directed himself in Georg Else - Einer aus Deutschland, leaving Kingsley to opine that working with Novak was more difficult than working with the kids and monkeys of  The 5th Monkey.

3. - Albert Finney, Nostromo, 1996.  When directing legend David Lean's health closed down the film, Alastair Reid made the Joseph Conrad novel  as a  mini-series.


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