Payday Loans
Rey-Phillip Santos


  1. Freddy Rodriguez, Planet Terror, 2006.      Leading lady Rose McGowan suggested her pal Santos to her lover and director, Robert Rodriguez, for El Wray, for what was then Project Terror. Rodriguez preferred Rodriguez. (No kin. As far as they knew).
  2. Andrew Stehlin, 30 Days of Night, US-New Zealand, 2007.  First choice for the bloodthirsty vampire Arvin, one of many in an isolated Alaskan town.  Population? Well, the Welcome to Barrow sign has 588 crossed out and replaced with… 15.
  3. Toby Kendall, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, 2009.      Injured in amotor bike accident on location, Guam actor Santos was replaced by Yorkshire man Kebbell. 


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