Payday Loans
Jim Brown

  1. Ernest Borgnine, The Wild Bunch, 1968. 
  2. Otis Young, The Last Detail, 1973. While the Robert Towne script was awaiting a pause in Jack Nicholson's schedule,  Columbia's Peter  Guber suggested re-tooling it with  Brown, Burt Reynolds and... David Cassidy!
  3. Mr  T,  Rocky III,  1982. Mr. T (Laurence Tero) said he beat “1,500 black guys - even Puerto Ricans and Jamaicans” to the flamboyant Clubber  Lang,  including  real heavyweights Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers.  The role won  him a TV series, The A Team, Nancy  Reagan as First Fan,  but  by  1993, he was reduced to Freaked as... a bearded lady!


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