Payday Loans
Fran Bennett


  1. Carolyn Craig, Giant, 1955.
  2. Karen HenselStar Trek: The Next Generation#107: Unification I,  TV, 1991.  (Stardate 45233).  For Bennett’s Feet AdmiralShanthiread Hensel Fleet Admiral Brackett. Bennett was Shanti in #101: Redemption II, and due to reprise her admiral telling Patrick Stewart/Picard  - on Septmber 16 - that Spock had maybe defected to Romulous. The reason Hensel did so (three daysa later) was  never explained.  Bennett’s 104 screens roles (up to 2018) covered soaps to space,  cops to judges (nine of them). Hensel, best known as  DorisThe Young and the Restless. was the Barjoran Deela in Next Generation #25: Cardassians, 1993.  Both women were also teachers .Bennett headed the performance programmme at the  California Institute of the Arts theatre school and Hensel taught Shakespeare (to Jeremy Davies, Paul Rudd) at  the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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