Payday Loans
Jean Sorel


  1. Jean-Marc Bory, Les amants/The Lovers, France, 1958.   Realisateur Louis Malle shot a test of Jean Sorel with leading lady (and Malle’s lover), Jeanne Moreau, for la scandale. Didn’t work out.  He was prettier than her. Or Jean-Marc Boring.

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      Jean Sorel in his screentest for Diabolik, a rare comicbook (anti) hero created by women - Milan sisters Angela and  Lucianna Giussani.
    © Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica/Marianne Productions/Paramount Pictures, 1967.

  2. John Phillip Law, Diabolik (US: Danger: Diabolik), Italy-France, 1967.   When Paramount entered the (very swinging 60s) Dino De Laurentiis production, it required a UStar as the 1962 comic-book anti-hero - totally unknown in America. Before being dropped, Sorel had tested several possibilities for who became Law’s leading lady: Nathalie Delon, Catherine Deneuve, Elsa Martinelli, etc. Marisa Mell got the gig.  No hard feelings... A year later, all three - Martinelli, Mell and Sorel - co-starred in Lucio Fulci’s  Una sull'altra (US: Perversion Story, aka Hot To Trot).

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