Payday Loans
Elisabeth Sladen

  1. Michele Dotrice, Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, TV, 1973-1978.      Sladen, one of Doctor Who’stravelling rugs, and Linda Hayden came and went about playing Michael’s Crawfod’s long-suffering, young wife, Betty Spencer. Michele, daughter of Roy, sister of Karen (one of Mary Poppins’[ charges), guested in  one episode. Crawford and Dotrice came back as Frank and Betty (he pronouced it: Bett-tie) for a Sports Relief charity show… 38 years later!
  2. Mary Tamm, Doctor Who #98: The Ribos Operation, TV, 1978.      Sladen enjoyed her stint as Doc4 Tom Baker’s companion, Sarah Jane Smith, across 81 episodes, 1973-1976. Just not keen on reprising the role to help the Whovians who knew only Baker as the Doctor to settle down with Doc5 Peter Davison. However, she did join Doc10 David Tennant for four tales in 2006-2010, leading to 53 episodes of her own Sarah Jane Adventures, 2007-2011, And no wonder! When hunting a Sarah Janein 1973,the producerscalled her “a glamorous young female intelligence agent newly attached to UNIT. Keen, professional... Needs to be involved in the story in an active way, not just as a screaming heroine...” Enter: Tamm as a companion who is also a Time Lady called Romanadvoratrelundar.The Doc called her Romana, despite her preference for… Fred. Tamm travelled for one season only. She died from cancer in 2012 - and her husband had a fatal heart attack hours after delivering the eulogy at her funeral.
  3. Mathilda May, Lifeforce, 1984.

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